Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I hear the train a comin'

For exactly 10 years now I have been meaning to travel. I came back from a year's travelling in 1999, did a course in London, and meant to go away again. I arrived at Heathrow the day after the solar eclipse, and looking at the newspapers in the newsstands, I could no longer relate to what was going on. I had felt the flow of travel, it had given me strength, and a wit, an optimism and a flexibility which removed me from the herd. At the time I did not know about the Control System, and was a long way from knowing about conspiracies and the deep historical corruptions which powerfully manipulate the minds and souls of all under its umbrella. But I knew something was not right. I also felt it - that there's something out there that is right.

I felt it first whilst deep-sea fishing in South Australia - cracking open a "stubby" whilst heading home at sunset, freshly-caught red snappers in the hold and dolphins following us, sillhouetted against the orange sun.
 Then again whilst cruising in my orange 1976 Holden Kingswood...
... I had been to see the New Year's celebrations in Adelaide. I had met a group of students that night, gone back to their place, sat in their gazebo smoking what can only be called "good shit". On my way back the next day, I was cruising down the Sturt Highway...
... with the windows down, a wide open road, warm winds blowing my hair. I suddenly felt a rush of... emotion. A big feeling, shivers running down my spine, an electricity and what I guess was freedom as an actual emotion. In motion, like an arrow, cruising forwards with the sun blessing everything around me.
Ever since I was never the same, and the experience of travel galvanised me in everything I did for the next decade.
Bear in mind I had come off the back of twenty years of indoctrination. Schooling, universities... that's all I knew. And now I was free.
So it wasn't books, it wasn't thought per se. It wasn't even the beautiful sights I saw - the scuba diving on the Great Barrier reef, the working on vineyards, the vibes of Melbourne. It was the people I met along the way, it was the motion, the constant improvisation, the knowing I could go anywhere, do anything.
In New Zealand I met an amazing, crazy Austrian girl who loved the Pogues and Irish pubs, and we bought a car together and drove around visiting just about every pub we passed in the misty wilderness.
 The Dutch girls in Surfer's Paradise, Dave in Sydney, parachuting onto a beach in Broome, surfing in Bondi,  winning 500 dollars in the Alice Springs casino, and seeing that incredible vortex at the centre of the continent.
Travelling alone, you are forced to confront the bounds of your experience, of your existence. Loneliness bites, so you got to get out there and talk to someone. You've got to have the resources, so you get resourceful. The idea of thought manifestation becomes important. And you always get what you ask for.

So I came back, and always intended to go away again. As soon as... and here's the rub... I had earned enough money.
Yes, I began to worship that false god. But I lived in London. An expensive city at any time. I was living it up and found it almost impossible to save money, espeically since I was still paying off debts.
And I got caught up. Long hours at investment banks, followed by long hours of drinking and whoring. I started to forget that elemental joy, once more.
But that's over. I've been out of work for a while now, as I can't join the slave-force, not now that my third eye has been polished.

Ever since that day of touching down in London, I knew where I really wanted to go next. A mystical land where they play football with magic, with joy.
 A land of beaches and rainforest. The land of samba and the girl from Ipanema.

 A place where "to party" actually means something...
 ... where women are feminine and free...
What's not to love? I've needed some time first to work on myself, change my outlook, do a little deprogramming, a little reprogramming. But that's where I'm headed, and I'm so excited and nervous about the prospect that I can hardly stay still. InMotion is EMotion.

It may be that the place will change in the future. The fact that both the Olympics and the next World Cup are to be hosted there, suggests that it is set to be the next place to be fed upon by the psychic vampires. Indeed it may be that it has been left alone, like a farmer leaves fields fallow in order for them to become fertile once more. Given how barren my homeland has become, how utterly desolate, surely the soul-suckers are going to have to move on. Mission accomplished, nothing left to eat here.

This is conjecture - after all, I haven't been to South America before. I haven't seen it yet. To me it still has that quality of dreams, of exotic smells and hot sun, of smiling beautiful women and dancing and music that comes from the soul. But my intuition has been pulling me there for a long time, and I was held back by... programming.

No one deserves the life that people around here have. It's not even a life - these people are, unfortuately, already dead. They're gonna be going back round the ferris wheel in the next life. Reminds me a bit of a snatched bit of programming from one of the major soap operas in this country, which I overheard as I was passing. Even when you avoid the idiot box its tentacles still reach out to you. One character wanted to go live somewhere else, and the reply was, "what, you think you're too good for us?"
What a statement. Guilt-tripping, implying callousness and delusions of grandeur, ridden with disdain for advancement, for movement, for travel. How about this, mate - we're all too good for this shit. Every one of us. And you can either stay here and wallow in it, or move on. Inside and outside - just move on. Grow. Let the light in, let the light out. Should I stay here and fight the World Order? Loyalty and attachment to a certain nation is some kind of psychic disease. If there was any semblance of community around here, there would be a reason to stay. If my family weren't the dysfunctional set of friendly strangers that the Control System modelled, I may have a heavier heart leaving them. Sure, I could work on myself, get better and better. Broadcast my message far and wide. But I can do that in a beautiful place, too, one that feeds my soul and speeds up my spiritual metabolism.


  1. I hear ya, homies, I wish to go down there, SOMEDAY, hahahahaS

    Living it up, with the Capoeristas and Jiu-Jitsu Practitioners, then Partying with the Chicas and Hombres who just wanna chill and have a good time, dancing & Living the Life...........

    I Remember going to Los Angeles for a WEEK, and the Experience of having to RELY on ONESELF was LIBERATING and UTTERLY Refreshing...............

    I'll never FORGET the Experience, and IRONICALLY, I couldn't find any CHEAP Hotels, so I stayed at the HOSTELS, hahahahaha, u know, the ones for VISITING Foreigners, who are Visiting the Country via VISA or whatnot...............

    I got along with SO many FOREIGNERS..........

    Aussies, French & Portuguese, Spanish, etc............

    God, I met gurLS from Germany and South America as weLL............

    They were aLL So LOVELY & Refreshing, and welcoming, KIND, above aLL, TRULY Down to Earth and Warmth I could feeL poring forth from their VERY Presence & SOULS..............

    It was a LIFE Changing EVENT & moment in my LIFE, hahahaahahahaS.................

    I've met some friends that I stiLL stay in touch with, and one who has a long-running OPEN invitation to come visit his Country *OZ, DOWN UNDER, bwahahahahaS*

    Yeahs, Good Times....................

    I also learned that No matter where I go, if I do so EARNESTLY & HONESTLY, I can Accomplish Anything I SET my heart & Mind TO, hahahahS

    I agree, whatever you MANIFEST & ReQuEST, you RECEIVE, tenFOLD, haahahahahaS..............

    Anyhow, hope you have a SWELL TRIP, and LET me know how it GOES!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Maybe, someday, if you are stiLL around, we'll bump into one another, down in South America?

    haahahahahah.............Or maybe even Honduras?


  2. Cheers for the comment Rock, much appreciated!

    Yeah the hostels are the way to go, at least initially, meet some people, settle in... And then maybe find a nice favela! Heh.

    I don't mind meeting fellow foreigners, as long as they're cool people. But really I'm going to learn the language, see how they operate, how they move, how they flow, you know?

    Absolutely - earnest & honest, that's the way! Haha.

    I'll be updating this blog when I go, maybe include a few pictures too.

    And yeah, maybe we will meet sometime - the universe has a way of throwing "coincidences" our way when we're on the right track!