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How to overcome the artificial ego, part 1

Ever since the Celtic Rebel recently turned me on to Revolver, I must have watched it about 6 times. I feel it's trying to tell us something important, so it deserves some kind of in-depth look.
In fact, the movie is just so dense with meaning, that I'm going to have to break it up into several parts.
Spoilers abound, so don't read if you want to actually watch it first.
The tagline for the movie was apparently:
Your mind will not accept a game this big.
Wake up, Mr Green.

After 7 years of solitude and focus Jake is released from prison, and is onto the New World Order. The first thing he proclaims is: In every game and con there is always an opponent and there is always a victim...
Or as John Lydon once put it - ever get the feeling you're being cheated?
It's what you do when you discover the New World Order. You want to make them pay. For what they've done to you, your family and friends, your ancestors, your fellow human beings. But, as we shall see, that is just the reaction they want.
Or problem-reaction-solution? Jake's mate is Billy, or Will.I.Am. Indeed he was the will - the motivation for all of this, because of the troubles with his wife and daughter.
 20 is 2+0=2, which is dualism, or division.
But is it him who doesn't like it? Or his false ego?
 We've got 2 again.
Mr D (Mr Devil, I guess) shares his one rule for power.
The purely materialistic philosophy by which the masses live their lives.
He then identifies Jake with these "sheeple," as he did indeed used to be one.
The elites clearly think that most people do indeed need a master. And given that 99% of the world's population are indeed slaves, mostly without even realising it, they may have a point. The fact that his name is also Macha is intesting, because it could tie in with the German "macher", which means "maker." You've also got Macha D - McDonald's? Heh, nice sync.
Jake then chooses purple...
 ... which is the colour of the third eye chakra. So he is indeed maturing. He's no longer a sheeple, but he's not truly ascending yet. Having taken his winnings, he runs into "himself" for the first time, Zach, the Z, the Omega:
Perhaps the intuitive part, that knows he's on the wrong track. And then to underline that Jake has not risen as a result of confronting the New World Order, he actually takes a big fall.
 There must be a reason that Billy takes such a blatant long look at his watch here, as Jake falls. The focus on fake, mechanical time? Ties in to everyone's fixation on 2012. You know, if everyone thinks something bad's going to happen in 2012, it probably will!
And when he does fall, the open eyes suggest a death. So if you face the New World Order head on, on their terms  (here, in a casino) you're most likely going down.

The elevator - or the means of easy ascension/descension. But to do this he must overcome Fear, as must we all.
Joe/Joseph is then killed by Mr Devil and the Sorter, but Jake is saved by Intuition/Omega/Zach.
Now, this is the first of several times we see Mr D as distinctly blue:
Why blue? Sirius, the blue Dogstar? If he's Sirian, it may explain him thinking of the human race as a race of servants. Yaweh? Isiah 30:27:
Behold, the name of Yâhwéh comes from afar,
Burning with His anger,
And His burden is heavy;
His lips are full of indignation,
And His tongue like a devouring fire.
From Fritz Springemier:
Sirius is important to the Hermetic magicians, and some of the programmers are deeply into hermetic magic. Satan is said to come from Draco or Sirius, esp. the dog star Canis major. Masonic programming may well have the "blazing star" portrayed in the programming as a pentagram, with the name Sirius. Sirius may represent the Master, the creator of the system in some systems where the programmer is steeped in Masonic philosophy.
Interesting also that the Devil's right-hand man is Paul.

Sorter seems to represent a kind of universal conscience. Sorting the souls, the wheat from the chaff. Hence the Conscience cannot touch souls on their way to enlightenment.
 Notice he's pointing the chamber right at us.

Then Jake meets Avi, the A, the Alpha, who turns out to be the chess master, and perhaps is the superego. Together they form a Trinity.
 Yep, it's another 3! And it won't be the last. And so it is that Jake is, indeed, the walking dead.
More 3s.
This appears to be straight outta the Gospel of Thomas - once you've been a success and got wealthy, give it all away and renounce the world.
Hm... gay subtext here?

That'll be another 3.

Ah, boxes. Four walls. A very common motif in movies. It's our prison. Yes, you can not win. Because it is the game devised by those smarter than us. Using the formula on us. We have accepted the rules they have given us, the fake rules, and hence we simply cannot win the game.

Check out the sarcophagus. We could be in the presence of an Atonist! (thanks, Michael Tsarion)
Which leads to a bit of an "intimate" moment between the two men:

Hm. Draw your own conclusions!
Some revelation - "expertism" or credentialism is a particularly annoying aspect of the World Order.

 Hm - he's going to do desperate deeds - in "Sticks and Balls".

Said incredulously - and why not? Cash has been so debased, and yet people still go on believing that it is actually worth something. But what about this cash? It's...

... twelve dollar bills!
So it really is funny money, and it's being made quite clear. Also, 12 is a governing number, as with 12 disciples, 12 zoiac signs, etc And 1+2=3. Again.
The next time we see the bill is when Mr Green shoots the other gambler in the foot for hurting his pride.

 Right on - that's exactly what money represents. Pride and hope. Hope being a very negative concept - hope is not "doing" or even "thinking," it's nebulous, unfocused and ultimately leads to dependence on some external force. Pride of course is the perverted ego, the voice in our heads that is not us.
There's also a phallic element here - they're in "Sticks and Balls" talking about how clean and stiff and proud "it" is. And how it smells!

Or - we know how much you love a cock, if we take the motif from the previous scene. You love to take it up you!

Yup, he's really taking it up him.

And having to grease the sheaths of 2 pricks as well!

Another 3 - 3 clowns, no less. Syncs to the Wise Woman's latest post about clowns representing death.

So that's it - Jake's sins, his demons, are pride and greed. That's what he has to overcome, to be rid of his artificial ego.

3. I think we get it, guys! Honestly.

And here's the thing. The plot doesn't really make sense on the surface level. If he's going to die in 3 days, why go around with these 2 and give away your money into the bargain? Why not buy a ticket to a beach somewhere you can't be found? But it's telling us to bear with it, they're telling us something.
Also, again with reference to the Gospel of Thomas, they're making him lend money to people who are never going to be able to pay it back.

Now we have Gold. A none-too-subtle reference to that which is the original money, the element revered by Egyptians and Mayans, all the way down the ages. Interesting that his representative is a Walker.

A touchy-feely moment here between the 2 men. And Lily Walker - a lily being representative of death.

 A sort of lesbian-type thing going on here, to match the men's previous touching of each other. Why, I'm not sure. But the girl actually recoils, a bit. Perhaps revelation - real women aren't actually all lesbians!
 Oh, the whole world wants to do business with Gold. Particularly the Devil. But even the Devil acts pathetically in the company of Gold's representative. The name Gold is of course associated with jews, and as such it may be tempting to say that Gold here represents not the metal, but those industries that Jews dominate - ie Hollywood, porn, jewelry, etc. That is to say, the stuff that perverts us. Oh yeah, and Sam Goldwyn was also founding contributor executive of several motion picture studios. So anyway, in this picture Gold turns out to actually be the false ego.
 That's some room Gold has. Heaven above, the devil stood below.

20 again - clearly not Jake's lucky number.
 Twins - 22. Again 2s as division, 2+2=4, representing prison again. But twins are Gemini, the communicative sign, who relay the books and info between the cells.

 That's the very beginning of ascension - think quicker, think bigger. Do not accept the training to think small that is all-pervasive in the NWO.

And so it is. A and Z are making Jake pay for his Pride and Greed.
Bit of a gay bit next. Jake doesn't get anything from the old lady, so Zach says "get your ass here". to which jake immediately responds - "how do you sleep at night"? Jake then meets up with the two, and Avi says - look, we're not sending you out to polish doornobs!
They then rip a hole in Macha's wall. So we could say they butt-raped macha, or tore him a new arsehole, thereby extracting his base chakra energy, which is to say, the safe containing the powder from Gold.
And then Macha says:

Heh, hidden in plain sight. Continuing this theme, we have Lord John saying
...and the following image

Notice how he's actually leaning forward a little. But Lord John's a poofer too:

Yep, he's in a sexual relationship with someone with... well, a large erection.

Now, that's interesting, n'est ce pas? Lord John seems to be set up here as "The" Lord, the one we were taught to worship in those tainted "holy" books. Jehovah, or Yaweh, I guess. And if we get rid of him, there will indeed be consequences. But what are they?

Then there's a big gang bang, and it results in both the Lord and the Devil getting butt-raped by Jake's Trinity (which has actually extended by this point to include a Feminine aspect - another sign of growth).And if you take the 6 guys with the money, the 6 guys with the powder, and then Jake's quartet with the Lord and the Devil... well, it's 666.

 Why the cartoon? Not sure, to be honest.
 Well, we have the devil here with flaming hair and guns...
 And the Lord with his guns and serpent tattoo...

 Thus commences one of the most significant scenes - Wake up, Mr Green. Green - young, fresh, naive, envious, fertile, lush. But green land can be exploited, farmed and overfarmed. It should barely need to be emphasised that Mr Green is Us, the human race in its current condition, at least the part that aspires, that wants to ascend. So full of potential, but so naive.

We have the Masonic chessboard.

 Woah - hang on! Why the word "snake"? Are y'all talkin' about the Reptilian/Annunaki thing? Or the "lizzies", as Barbara Marciniak calls them, via the Pleiadians.
You only get smarter by playing a snake. That would imply that there is only one true game, and one true opponent.
Because they think it can't be that old, or it can't be that big.
That's real, folks, right there.
Sure ties in to all those idea about mankind having been duped since the last Flood, used as servants, and perhaps even a kind of psychic food.
A good opponent? But it said at the start, "your greatest enemy." So they're the same?
Now we're getting somewhere. Your adversary is your asset. You need to use him to get smarter. But first you must find him. Of course most conspriacy theorists would say, "it's the Rothschilds!" or "it's the Vatican!"
Or the Jews, the Royal family, the Zionists, Bilderberg, the CFR...
But that ain't it. The last place you would ever look.

To be continued...

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