Thursday, 9 September 2010

How to overcome the artificial ego, part 2

So we left off with the message that your Adversary is hiding in the last place you would ever look.
Now we have a message from his Will, telling him to "get out."
But get out of what?
Perhaps this is a warning that even your Will will try to warn you against those most important parts of your being.
But, Jake does not heed this advice. He goes back to them. But he has to ask the question:
Even though the answer is right in front of him:
They've saved his life and he still can't trust them. However, they then try to get him to shoot Fred, which he refuses to do. This I suppose is a test of humanity. We then have his intuition telling him, once again,
Following this, he rises from the dead after the third day:
He then has the realisation that the money was not being loan-sharked out, but was actually being given away, anonymously.
We then have the sequence when Jake is shown being hit by a car in one reality, and avoiding it in another - again through intervention by Avi and Zach - this time with a phone call. Meanwhile Jake talks about the effect of Pride - of wanting to be the boy with the badge, polishing his trophy.
We share an addiction, we're approval junkies.
It looks like the heavy saturation of messages that were required for this movie, required Guy Ritchie to resort to a number of visual tricks in order to keep the general audience entertained.
And that's the point - if we knew it, we wouldn't do it. The information is being kept from us. So, as much as you yourself might feel disgust for the way "sheeple" live their lives, it is simply because they have been duped. It's like Alan Watt says - it's like cows who have had their legs broken, and then hating the cows because they can't get up. Perhaps I don't entirely agree with the analogy because I don't see us, in our essences, as being cattle.
They save Jake's life for a fourth time by warning him of Macha's men. And providence helps, by impelling Slim Biggins to accidently kill himself:
It then turns out that Jake caused the demise of the Clowns by taking advantage of their greed:
This of course relates to the current credit bubble, which started to burst once, has been reinflated, and will crash with an almighty vengeance soon enough. Greed inflates bubbles, just as Gold wants.
Then there is the scene with 3 things going on at once. Macha in the restaurant, Lord John talking about the nature of Greed, and Sorter outside the restaurant, ending with gunfire.
Beauty is a destructive angel,
I guess this is Hollywood, and the arts, which the elites have had a grip on for a long time. Hence beauty has been twisted to have the opposite effect to what it should.
The Devil here is being held down by his own man, while the assassin reawakens. It's worth noting that the Devil and the Lord are the most comedic characters in the film. To make fun of them is to see them for what they are.
We then arrive at the second key moment of the film, on a rooftop driving range. Avi and Zach, playing golf, get Jake to reiterate the rules of the game. Why golf? Perhaps because it's a game that requires patience, self-control and a sympathy with natural elements.
They are indeed almost the same rule. Combined, they form the following rule:
You only get smarter by playing in a more sophisticated game.
A more sophisticated game implies that you are moving to a different set of rules.
By the way, it must be significant that Avi, the A, is black - and even Doreen, the feminine aspect is black. Zach is of Italian/Medietteranean origin.
The Africans and Mediterraneans have traditionally been those most resistent to the psychic tentacles of the World Order. That is why, for instance, the so-called PIIGS are under attack at the moment from the financial elites.
I'm also reminded that the main character in the original Night of the Living Dead was black. He was the most human, the most sympathetic, the strongest - and what happened to him at the end? Romero knew what he was doing.
Ah, diamonds. That great scam. Common carbon rocks hawked as something of great value.
And which city is it? The main sign is in English, but there's a Chinese blue one on the left.
It's every-city. Gold's world.
Jake gets annoyed at this point, and then we are reminded that when the opponent is challenged, it means his "investment" or "intelligence" are questioned, which no-one can handle well.
All the pain there ever was. Without Gold, there is no pain, no suffering, only the freedom to ascend. Truly, the biggest game, the game. Note the phallic one-eyed pistol entering the vagina, signalling the demise of the Lord.
Jake's false ego chimes in. Flashback:
 But Jake is still alive. Although he is at war with Gold. Intelligence and intuition have saved him twice. Although the first time he ignored the advice of intuition ("take the elevator") he "died".
So it is war of sorts that is required. But it's against what you think to be your best friend. And war is inevitable, indeed it can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy. So war must be fought now.
There we have it.That's where the adversary is. Behind your pain, a voice that you think is you, or your best friend.
Yup, embrace the pain and you will win this game. Don't hide the pain, behind busy-ness, consumption (no surprise that the word also relates to an illness), alcohol, drugs and denial. If courage has any meaning, it is the ability to do just this - to look inside, to front up to your pain, and then watch it dissolve.
For Jake, it is facing the pain of Greed and the pain of Pride.
That's right, how radical are you prepared to be? Because there is no time for half-measures. Nothing less than boldness and commitment will do now.
The poor saps, the politicians, the lawyers and doctors and all those who supposedly have "prestige" - are actually at the bottom in the real world, the spiritual word of karma and ascendence.
Even with all he's done - the wealth, which he's given away - the victories over the Devil, the Lord, and Gold, he's still in prison. In fact, he never left. In fact, he's shown in blue here, mirroring the Devil.
Jake's voice continues to try to confuse Jake:
But he is becoming able to ignore it:
Yes, indeed it is not good to give to charity. They are primarily set up for the benefit of their directors and cronies - a tax break scam. The monies and supplies rarely if ever reach the intended recipients. If they do, it's in the form of eugenic measures like vaccines. And even if they were to reach the recipients, they foster dependence of the worst kind.
But what matters is that giving it away hurts him, hurts Gold. Because Greed is gone, and with no greed, there can be no Gold, and without Gold, your artificial ego has no power to hold onto you anymore.

To be concluded...

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