Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A pictorial journey through the modern age

Welcome to the modern age.

Why not start with the younglings?

Kids have it harder than ever, whilst ostensibly "spoiled" and "priveleged".

Born with a gun in one hand and a flag in the other...

Relentlessly targeted for programming...

... but let's protect them, right, for... Jehovah's sake:

'Cos we've got bogeymen in caves.

Schools are prisons are factories are military academies:

The alarm clock, the school bell, the prison bell, the punchcard, the timesheet are all the same. The same methods of psychological manipulation have been used in these institutions for a long time, and they borrow off each other, and they're getting better all the time.

But really, all of us are in these institutions, whether we're physically present there or not. Because the tentacles are in every part of our lives.

We're hot on the heels of the biggest robberies in history:

But hey, all they took was fiat money, which is going to be worthless in a couple of years anyway.

And the women. Ah, those beautiful creatures.

It's an age where women are either whores...

... or virgins, or dominatrix. You know, the overbearing state looks a whole lot better if it's the shape of a voluptuous, lithe redhead:

Or a ball-breaking career grrl:

Because that's women for you, right? Such bitches. Always walking around, breaking their nails while shooting men for the hell of it. Typical feminine nature. Nothing like this:

Or this:

That's her dead son she's holding.

If a mother's grief for her dead child were an energy, there would be hell to pay. Oh, hang on, it is, and there is.

Time for a fag break.

We've got a world of dead bodies walking...

There's a HAM-let where some of my kin live, that has a nice centrepiece:

The lion and the lamb lie down together. Peace and harmony. The strong protect the weak.

But why does the lion look at the little one like he's dinner? And why do we get a different picture from behind...

Um, maybe a symbol of masculine energy? But why then is it designed, complete with a soft surrounding ring (draw your own symbolism) to be a plaything for kids?

Hidden in plain sight, always hidden in plain sight:

So generations of programming has made us gluttons for punishment:

Who's doing this, anyway?


The enemy is clearly within:

But inside us, ourselves, not society.
So how do we get out of the nightmare?

The answer is surely love:

But do we even know how to love? We don't even know how to clean our arses, as the Celtic Rebel points out. "I love you" is said these days with a kind of desperation, with none of the serenity and generosity the real thing entails. It's compatibility of programmed lifestyle categories merged with the vague partiality to specific genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics. We're told that love is pain. Love is sacrifice. Worth fighting for. Worth throwing yourself off a building for, if you're passionate, like those crazy Latins and Gauls. It's everything but simple. Never simple, and humble, and harmonious. "It's complicated." Right? How many times have we heard that phrase?

Time to take the rainbow brige to Asgard.

Time to be more childlike, time to deprogram until we get to that point...

... because we are the source, we are the ocean of energy that surrounds us, that we swim in. Time to tap into it, because this is the sea, we are the sea.

Time to think for yourself.

Time to be cheeky.

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